This is a collection of activities that are easy to learn to teach and remix. We've prepared these activities to teach new Webmaker Mentors how to teach the web, Webmaker tools, and to adapt these teaching kits to their needs.

Learning objectives

The Webmaker Mentors will learn about remixable activitity kits. They will review and remix this kit for their learners.

Learners will understand that:

  • Using data allows you to change the context of a story.
  • Remixing is a form of derivative artwork.
  • The open structure of the Web allows you to remix almost anything.
  • Using data allows you to change the context of a story.
  • A mashup is putting together two pieces of content to create new meaning.

Learners will be able to:

  • Use Popcorn Maker to pull dynamic data from the web into a video.
  • Recontextualize a story by adding data to it.
  • Create storyboards and schematics.

Not sure? Have a look at our new Web Literacy Standard.

What you'll make together

A tour through the participants neighborhood, powered by Popcorn Maker.


Participants will need wifi, computers and enough space to i) move around in one big group and ii) sit in small groups.

Assessment and review

How can participants assess and reflect on their work once it's complete? Feel free to add here if you have suggestions for...
  • Discussion questions. What is remixing? How can you remix an image? Text? A video? How can you remix a physical space? How do mashups change the meaning of things? How did feedback help you iterate and improve your project? Why is it important to comment on other people's work, ideas or commentary?
  • Assessment. Peers will review and comment on each other's projects.
  • Sharing. Participants should publish their work in Popcorn Maker and post it on social media using the hashtag #makerparty.

Assessment criteria

A successful learner project will
  • Combine different web elements in a creative way.
  • Adapt the Popcorn Maker template relevant to their own lives or interests.
  • Invite others to remix the project.