Maker Party

How to Host a Maker Party (Medium)

A medium-sized Maker Party is a great way to explore and make something with the web. Team up to share skills with your local community or a group of friends. Be scappy and resouceful!

Made by Mozilla Maker Party

Before the Event

  1. Find a space. Secure a comfortable area where you can sit together in a circle. Be creative—maybe try a cafe, library or a hackerspace. Check if there is internet; although, you don't even need it to teach the web.

    Med Party Img

  2. Promote and Invite. Think about your target participants. What are they interested in? How can you approach them? Make invitations tailored to their interests. Add your event to the Maker Party site and invite everyone to come!

  3. During the Event

  4. Welcome and warm up. Gather the group in a circle and invite them to introduce themselves. Maybe throw in a fun game to warm up. Give your participants an overview of the day.

  5. Create your own agenda. Break into small groups of 3 - 5 participants each. Invite participants to explore the Web Literacy Map and choose topics they would like to learn more about. If possible, have a mentor or another friendly person guide each group.

  6. Make something. Float around to each group and help them with their project. If they get stuck, try these HTML and CSS cheatsheets. Participants can go back to the Web Literacy Map anytime for more things to make.

  7. Share what you made. Click "Publish" in the top right corner of any project for a link you can share with friends and family. Have participants show each other what they made. Add photos and links to your event page. Ask for everyone's contact information so you can stay in touch. Wrap up with thank-yous and how to stay connected with the Webmaker community.