Teaching Kit

Mozcamp Community Building: Introducing the Project Menu

Learn how to recruit people in a mission-centric way and get familiar with Mozilla's community building practices.

Made by @larissa, @michelle


This is an 1.5hr-long session during the Mozcamp Beta to introduce people to a menu of projects that they can use in their local communities after the training event.


Facilitators: Larissa Shapiro, Michelle Thorne, William Quiviger, Vineel Reddy

Maker Party: A hands-on party for making the web. Invite new partners to focus on teaching web literacy and grow a local learning network.

  • Gauthamraj Elango
  • Vikas Burri

FirefoxOS App Day: Introduce Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace, and share knowledge about the tools available to help developers get started building apps to submit to the Marketplace.

  • Kaustav Das Modak
  • Sayak Sarkar 
  • Faisal Aziz

GeoLocation: Engaging developers through friendly competition to take action online and across a region.

  • Galaxy Kadiyala
  • Soumya Deb

MDN Evangalism Training: A training for how to give an effective presentation. Learn to give demos of Firefox OS and other Mozilla tools as well as talk about the open web's benefits for developers.

  • Priyanka Nag 
  • Sudheesh

MozCoffee: A small-scale informal meetup to share activities and connect with the community and general public. Easily reproducible and frequent, serving as a meeting point local communities.

  • Ankit Gadgil
  • Santosh


1. Teach in Pairs: Share a skill with your partner to learn about how to best teach someone. (15min)

In pairs, turn and teach your partner something. It can be about anything! One person teaches for 5min, then swap. Then join another pair and share what you just learned and what was effective for you as a learner and a teacher.

2. Projects for Community Building: Speekgeeking (30min)

Learn about project case studies about community building in the region. Presenters stay at the station and the rest of the participants rotate around in small groups. These stations comprise an "project menu."

3. Grow the Project Menu: Other ways to take action (15min)

In the same groups you ended the speedgeek on, brainstorm other event types and ways to take action in a large group. These can be based on real examples or new ideas. Document and cluster.

4. Understanding the Project Menu: Overview of the Resources for Mozcamp Beta (15min)

Walk through the Project Menu and Project Planning template as preparation for the Mozcamp Beta

Learning objectives

  • Learn to recruit people in a mission-centric way
  • Feel empowered that these skills already exist in the community and know how to scale them
  • Familiar with a menu of possible community building actions

What you'll make together

We'll make an expanded menu of projects that a community can take.


At least 5 tables. Chairs in a large circle for all participants. Paper, post-its.